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It's that time again... shoe shopping!

Let me start off this post by saying I LOVE shoes. I like feet too, but not in the fetish way. I was born with the first three toes of each foot webbed together. For the longest time, I was bullied beyond belief and called things like dysfunctional, mess up and duck feet. It wasn't until high school that I started embracing how my feet were made and started to wear sandals. I am going to list the top 3 shoes that are trending this spring, a list you're eventually going to hate because you'll want to buy each pair! Lucky for you, along with the expensive price, I will list the knock off price. If you know me you know I love a good Walmart or amazon find, you can thank me later! So, It's that time again.... shoe shopping Time!

1. Platform Sandals

First on our list are platform sandals, I know you're not surprised. These all year trendy shoes are normally priced around $45-$65, which isn't too bad for a chunky sandal. If you're like me, you want to check for the cheapest prices possible, but now you don't have to! I have found the closest comparison to these on amazon for only $17! A definite steal! I know Walmart also has a few pair in black, white and cheetah. I have the black pair but make sure to size down, they run a size bigger!

2. Birkenstocks

Next, Birkenstocks! As a girls best friend, I couldn't leave these neutral slides out. I found a rare cheetah pair from Birkenstocks for $110, although I have a pair in the brown color, I had to bite the price bullet. They do last quite a while, but you could easily get a more comfortable and cheaper pair from madden girl, walmart or amazon. On amazon, they have a pair for $20, and with prime shipping, that's a great deal! Just make sure to check reviews for accuracy,

3. All White Tennis Shoes

Finally, we have the chunky white tennis shoes. While most girls have mixed feelings on these, it took me a couple years to get on board. NOw that I have a pair, I would never go back! I was on the fence because of the chunkiness and the price. The price of filas are roughly around $75, and that's alot for a college student to cough up. I drove to my nearest Walmart and found an identical pair for only $17. When I say I wear them 24/7, I mean 24/7, just check my social media! They match any outfit; dresses, jeans, shorts and even skirts.

To me, there is nothing better than white tennis shoes, no matter what you are wearing, they even go awesome with summer and spring dresses. Not to mention how adorable they look with a pear of shorts or a frilly mini shirt. Try it, you will see!

Now you can see all these great deals by clicking on any photo or the brand links below, Happy shoe shopping!

TOP ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): steve madden, fila, birkenstocks

BOTTOM ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): amazon, walmart, amazon

I enjoyed writing this post and I hope you guys will find some great deals!! xoxo,

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