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Tips for Thrifting the Top Trends of Spring 2020

Hi, I'm Jenny and I am a former fashion columnist turned blogger who focuses on sustainable fashion. In 2020, I made a personal goal to not buy myself any new clothes only second hand. I have always loved thrifting and it has become my favorite hobby and creative outlet over the past few years. I've learned the ins and outs of shopping thrift and consignment stores and I am going to share my tips along with some of the top trends for this spring! I went to the thrift store and also pulled some of my own pieces that are on trend for Spring 2020.

Trend 1: Collars

The spring runways featured lots of oversized collars from the disco variety to Peter Pan styles. I've had this gingham top just waiting for the weather to warm up. This top is a size extra large, which isn't my normal size and that leads to my first thrift tip:

Tip 1: Try everything on!

Even if it's not your size, you never know how things will fit. This is especially true for vintage pieces.

Trend 2: Neon

Neon was another big trend for spring and its very easy to find highlighter colors at the thrift store.

Tip 2: Look in all the sections: mens, childrens. You never know what you might find. A cropped fluorescent men's t-shirt would be a great way to rock this trend.

Trend 3: Bralettes

Bras as tops were all over the runways in a variety of fabrics. This bralette is one of my favorites and the color is almost neon!

Tip 3: Shop your closet. You may already have pieces that work for the latest trends and this is the best way to be sustainable and save money!

Trend 4: Crochet

Marie Claire referred to this as "Not Your Grandma's Crochet" and I couldn't agree more. The crochet that graced the runways had that festival vibe that has been around for awhile now. I found this crochet vest in the swim section, another spot to look for gems. The daisy dress is one of my favorites and adds even more whimsy to this trend.

Tip 4: Look for quality fabrics like cotton, viscose, wool and silk. They are better quality and will last longer.

Trend 5: 60s Wallpaper

If the last trend was "Not your Granmother's", I would say this one absolutely is your grandmother's wallpaper! And this retro trend is one of my favorites of the season. This vintage, handmade skort is one of my absolute favorite finds of all time! I spotted a lot of prints that fit this trend in the skirt section of my thrift store.

Tip 5: Look for stains and rips. Inspect everything before you go home. Maybe you'll be able to get a stain out or mend a tear, but don't buy it if you don't think you can. Also, don't be afraid to ask for a discount because of a stain or rip.

Trend 6: Vests

Vests were everywhere for spring. Leather vests, and vests as part of a suit with shorts were one of the biggest trends.

Tip 6: If you don't love it in the dressing room, you won't love it at home! I am a vintage lover and this is particularly hard for me when I find a cool vintage piece. But I remind myself that it might make someone else's day!

I hope these tips inspired you to look for something fun at your thrift store! Follow my thrifting adventures on Instagram; I'm Jenny Radish. And you can get more sustainability tips as well as cruelty free skincare recommendations, and my thoughts on life over on my blog: Radish Blog.

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